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Cute Hair & Beauty...

At Cute Hair & Beauty experienced beauty therapists offer various services. We are friendly professionals and take pride in all of the work we do. Looking for quick, efficient, value-for-money Beauty treatments without sacrificing on quality. Cute Hair and Beauty is here to provide high quality Beauty Treatments on the go. Quick, Convenient and affordable quality treatments.

Overall, our ethos is to make you look and feel good. We work with original products and proven methods to ensure our treatments make you feel good inside and out.


Permanent Hair Removal...

Electrolysis is the process by which ionic substances are broken down into simpler substances using electricity. During electrolysis, metals and gases may form at the electrodes. Ionic substances contain charged particles called ions. For example, lead bromide contains positively charged lead ions and negatively charged bromide ions.
At Cute Hair & Beauty, professionally trained technicians provide this service for customer's ultimate satisfaction.

Love your skin

Aftercare Sooting Gel...

We are delighted to announce the innovative our new Aloe Vera Sooting Gel. Specially developed for your skin. You may have initial, redness, this is normal and will soon diminish. Application of Aloe Vera soothing gel will help to calm down the redness.

Our Salon

A lot of pride is taken in choosing the products we use for clients, and sell within the salon. All of which are original and affordable. We understand that life is hectic, hence we've made getting quality beauty treatments easy and intimate with a designated beautician at your service for all your essential beauty needs.

Cute Hair and Beauty offers a large choice of treatments such as body massage, aromatherapy body massage, aromatherapy candle massage, Indian head massage, body polish, facial spa, leg wax, bikini wax, back wax and chest wax compared to other salons and spas in West Midlands.